A 30ish Theatre Manifesto

My Theatre Manifesto – bringing it to YOU

A theatre manifesto, you say? Sounds pretty intense. Brings back nasty associations of Hitler, Stalin, and more recently the infamous Breivik. Dare I read on? What on earth are you talking about? And more importantly, why does this matter?

I’m no Fascist dictator, Communist ruler or Norwegian serial killer, I promise, but all I want to do here is to lay my cards down on the table and explain what I’m all about. So far I’ve written about the basics – theatre etiquette and some of the top theatres in London (even since writing that, others have come out of the woodwork and impressed me, but more of that later on), but never quite explained who I am and what I’m doing here.

What I’ll be doing in the future is creating a bespoke, tailored theatre service for the 30ish lady. I’ll be looking for the best, most stylish and exclusive shows that are of the utmost relevance to you, the reader. There’ll be interviews with upcoming stars, directors, writers and producers, features on the best of London theatres, play reviews, reviews of the accompanying theatrical experience (think theatre bars and restaurants!) and special features for seasonal and other special theatrical events.

I’m aiming to get you in the know. To get you to really out there, really experience what there is on offer. These places have been parched by difficult times, and it’s up to people like me to both quench the theatre’s thirst for passionate and creative patrons – that’s you! – and to make sure that you’re having an amazing time, being introduced to the right places and people.

My own passion for the theatre comes from its ability to do anything: change a political regime, make you realise what it is to be human, make you laugh, cry, groan and think. Storytelling in its most live form – there’s nothing like it for its accessibility and immediacy – is one of the most exciting ways to spend an evening or Saturday afternoon. And stories are important. I think so, anyway – and even if you don’t agree, at least you’ll have all the vital information so you can take it or leave it.

So this is me, reporting for duty! This, for me, is so much more than my usual theatre-reviewing. This is writing for YOU. And so to start? My top-tips for this week…

For those who want a spook – Dr Ezra Tallboys’ Travelling Nightmares in Southwark

For those who want a bit of a think – The River in Sloane Square

For those who want exceptional Shakespeare – Twelfth Night in the West End



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