For Once

Pentabus Theatre in association with Sherman Cymru

Warwick Arts Centre, Main Theatre

10th March 2012

This beautiful, touching short play by the multi-award-winning playwright Tim Price was part of the Bitesize festival at the Warwick Arts Centre. I was lucky enough to go and see it with the most discerning of theatre-goers, my dad – for whom theatre must entertain and who rarely goes to see anything that isn’t by Shakespeare, Coward or is a musical. We both enjoyed this intricately woven 90 minute drama, which was full of brilliant observations on life in small English villages – which certainly hit home! – and enough theatrical power to propel the three-hander onwards. The family were made up of three separate satellites that occasionally crossed paths in the kitchen, where the play is set. The mother figure irons shirts for the whole play. The son eats a banana, makes and drinks Ribena, the father listens to Radio 4 and reads the newspaper – rather commonly used gestures, but simple enough not to become cliche – as were the grittier undertones to the stories of the family. Skirting around bereavement and occluded sexuality without ever shoving angst down your throat, Price’s comic timing within the script must be commended, as must Orla O’Loughlin’s tidy direction. Catch it if you can when it shows in other theatres around the country.


One thought on “For Once

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