Just before Christmas, I got a wonderful present from the lovely people at IATL who have given me and the team a grant to put on Agatha in their great spaces. Performance dates are the 14th-16th March 2012, and we’ll be developing the script throughout next term. How exciting!

What this does mean, I predict, is that this blog will be highly neglected. So advance apologies for this (as well as Agatha I’ve got Beauty and the Beast coming up, and a few drama school auditions in the offing as well… So you know. Not very busy) but a little suggestion for any readers to look at the blog for the play, which will be updated very regularly. Or you could follow us on twitter!

A little advance excerpt from me…

YOUNG WOMAN. Is this how it always is?

WOMAN. (Leaping on the question) She’s in there most [evenings]-

YOUNG WOMAN. No no no no no. Not Agatha, that’s. A more unusual situation. I mean, staying here. Staying in, while they-

WOMAN. I don’t always stay here-

YOUNG WOMAN. (Gently) Yesterday, the day before yesterday, Sunday. You were planning on staying in on all of those days, and your-

WOMAN. Yes, I know. But they always go out, I have to fit around them, you see.

YOUNG WOMAN. That’s what I mean!


WOMAN. Besides, who would I go and see?!

(c) Jack Davison

Happy Boxing Day, anyway. Hope you’re all surviving… We’re doing puzzles (!) and writing letters. I will remain calm at all costs.



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