Going Dark

Sound&Fury (presented by Fuel)

Warwick Arts Centre, Studio

28th October 2011

Ever see a man pick up light? Ever see an invisible child? Ever realise, mid-performance, that all those mistakes were actually not mistakes at all, but clever little things to make you lose your grip on what’s real and what’s acted?

Ever think you’re going blind, that you’ll never be able to see again?

This new piece commissioned by the mighty Warwick Arts Centre itself, written by Hattie Naylor and developed as part of Fuel at the Roundhouse, “Going Dark” is a wonderful, technical, immersive and challenging one-hander about the fairly difficult topics of blindness, frustration and our place in the universe. It’s no easy feat to combine these heavyweight ideas – although ex-Warwick company curious directive tend to much the same agenda in a similar way – and not feel burdened or irritated oneself, but Sound&Fury manage to do so using ground-breaking tech, honest performance and a wonderfully retrospective (and retrospectively wonderful) script.

John Mackey holds our attention and teaches us physics and humanity at the same time (despite rather hard stools), and the overriding feeling at the end of this hour long piece is a crushing paradox of knowledge and crippling ignorance that is both dizzying and heart-warming. The piece is transformative, and should be seen by anyone even remotely interested in theatre. Or light, or dark, for that matter.



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