The Wild Bride

Kneehigh Theatre

Warwick Arts Centre, Main Theatre

25th October 2011

Kneehigh theatre: one of Cornwall’s greatest treasures. Up there with the pasty, the company – that their county are extremely proud of: visiting the Lost Gardens of Heligan this summer, the name of the local theatre company was proudly displayed on a placard next to some tree or other – did not fail to impress with their recent project, The Wild Bride at the Warwick Arts Centre last week.

Forming part of a larger tour of the country that is somewhat removed from their humble origins as a theatre company that toured to local village halls, the play is a fully-fledged total experience. The story-telling techniques and the accompanying musical composition are incredible and cannot be faulted, however subsidiary the message of the story itself seems to be. It did not matter that there was no obviously relevant moral to the cautionary tale – I think that we are less concerned with Satanic temptation and careless greed than our grandparents would like – for the production was a polished, enjoyable, “proper” story. Stuart McLoughlin’s Devil was wonderfully uncaring and the three brides managed to evolve one character in their own ways, without the transitions being too irritating (even if they were a little predictable). But the overall feeling at the end of the evening was that of satisfaction: I have been entertained. I am in awe of their talent. The story made sense. Hoorah! Call me picky, but it’s been a while since those three (not always necessary, I might add) theatrical intentions have coincided in the main theatre space.

Check out Kneehigh’s flickr account here, and do what ever you can to get your hands on a copy of the soundtrack, which is just fantastic!



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