Talking Birds

Warwick Arts Centre, Helen Martin Studio

20th October 2011

Apprehension about this performance piece was fairly high, having spoken to a friend who had been assisting Talking Birds with their technical get-in and who had cynically said “I refuse to go and see it, it’s just the sort of thing I can’t stand”. Strong words that were then followed by “You’ll like it.” Right, then. Mixed bag of pre-show jitters, not helped by the fact that the company were running behind and the small audience had to wait later than their allotted slot – and I was taken back to waiting outside “An Audience” by Ontroerend Goed in Edinburgh, an experience I didn’t really want to replicate.

I needn’t have worried. I didn’t feel so invaded or so subconsciously outraged at this piece as I had seeing the Belgian company‘s piece in Edinburgh. My overall feeling in the capsule was one of bemusement, amusement and slightly nervous confusion. As a story, it doesn’t really make sense as parts of the capsule open and reveal different capsule-related-situations (think space, sea and mining) with very little coherence or narrative. It is the final twist, however – the final reveal – which makes this little piece of theatre truly novel and interesting. All becomes clear – and I couldn’t possibly give away how, it would spoil it for anyone going to see it. All there is to say is that it takes audience interaction to a whole new level, and it really is very enjoyable.



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