The Programming Game

So in the car, on the way home from Edinburgh, we played this game. Here are the rules.

  • You own a theatre, and you have to program it for the next sixteen weeks.
  • You have unlimited cash and everyone will say yes to you.
  • You have an arts house with one main space (about 550 seats) and a black box studio (about 150 seats).
  • Every show that you program must have a minimum 3 week run, and a maximum 6 week run.
  • You must take Christmas and other demographics into account.
  • You can program existing shows and existing companies, commission work or revive old productions.
  • You can program collaborative works, or pick your favourite directors, actors, or producers.
  • Ideally, your programme has some sort of defining theme that holds all the productions together.
It took us all some time, but a nine hour journey needed to be filled… This was my attempt, which I am by no means happy with, but thought I would share with you nonetheless…
  Theatre Studio
1 Cheek By Jowl – The Seagull Punchdrunk led by Dan Canham – Space and the Individual commission
5 National Theatre – adaptation of William Boyd’s Any Human Heart Theatre Ad Infinitem – Translunar Paradise
8 Ontroroend Goed – commissioned piece on formative experience
11 Kneehigh – The Cautionary Tales of Hilaire Belloc commission NSDF ensemble– A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
14 ENB and Rambert School – collaboration on The Snowman DV8 – A Christmas Carol commission
Guess the theme?


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