A Mad Week

- copyright Emma Jane Denly

Yes, yes. Irregular blogging. I KNOW. But you see, globetrotter that I am (cough cough not actually, have no expendable income and am sponging off my parents) this little project has been somewhat neglected in favour of getting on trains and boats and getting up at six in the morning for the tides or something or other… In the past week I have been to Eastleigh, Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham, Poole, Hamble, Dover, Canterbury, Wadhurst, spent an hour in London, Eastleigh again and then home to Hook whereupon I have slept and lounged about for two days in an attempt at recovery. Bla bla bla, you say, what things are actually interesting at the moment?

Custard Pie

I have honestly never seen anything so interesting on the Daily Politics Show. Just had to give the Murdochs and Brooks questionings a little mention here because of the enormity of the occasion yesterday… As you can see, I have become a cropper to the “gap-yah protester” and his futile little foam gesture in the titling of this note rather than the nitty-gritty revelations, or lack thereof, in the session with MPs. So tense, though – the atmosphere predicted something ridiculous happening, the number of Pinteresque pauses and Communist-Trials-Questioning (except with different weightings of sympathy) were verging on the epic side of political thriller. The debate rages on Twitter as to who will play whom in the film… “Hackgate” the trailer is particularly brilliant, do Google it for a giggle.

Fat Git Theatre

Fat Git are taking their latest play (reviewed here and here), “The Nose”, up to Edinburgh! A website is being prepared, Lyn Gardner at the Guardian and the rest of the reviewing press have been made aware both of the preview box shows in Winchester and Beverley (second week in August) and of the two week run at Spaces on North Bridge (immediately following), sets are being redesigned and constructed and the whole team, myself included, are getting very excited… Do catch us somewhere if you can, it’s a brilliant adaptation of Gogol’s short story of the same name and full of jokes and fun and precise mime and physical theatre…!

- courtesy of Peter Marsh

I will try and keep you this blog updated with news on rehearsals and the timings of the free box shows – if you have any reviews or comments, or just want to show your support please leave them here, or you can follow @FatGitTheatre on twitter, or find us on Facebook.

That’s what’s happening… If my life gets more intriguing, I’ll let you know. Off to France on Monday!



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