Review of Second Year

Rather than pack, I thought I would write a list of everything (that I can remember) that has been done and/or achieved this academic year, before I leave Leamington to go home for three months… I have made great friends in those who were new to the university and those who have been there for the same time or longer than me: friends who have propped me up and let me cry and been there to celebrate and succeed with too… In case I have failed to articulate myself or even say anything at all – thank you. This year has been so brilliant:

about 50 plays, novels and poets have been read, at least 30 plays and other theatre productions watched, somewhere in the margin of 30 letters sent, 6 long essays written and 4 exams taken. 12 lessons in opera, too many bottles of wine, 4 house parties at eagle street and several jugs of eliminator. 3 plays at warwick and 15 parts in total, a cheeky musical in a weekend, co-direction of snippets of melodrama and a trip to nsdf. a successful nyt audition, 5 audition rejections, a fringe show, a society presidency. a bit of heartbreak and a bit of jolly banter, a sublime exec and 2 Christmases. 5 housemates, new year spent with a load of jockeys, no trips to a nightclub and uncountable trips to the pub. 4 pairs of shoes and some red hair dye, a blog and student ambassadorship, 3 trips to birmingham and a lot of chips from Royal Fish Bar. a double bed and sharing my saucepans, WSAF, Enid and a broken neck, a whole lot of valium and some open mic night singing…

I’m getting a little tearful and sentimental, so will stop now and sleep off my hangover (best house party EVER last night… so many tears though) before packing up my room properly in the morning… Good night, and good job.

courtesy of Peter Marsh at ashmorevisuals



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