Warwick Arts Centre Studio

Thursday 23rd June

It isn’t often that one man can hold an audience’s attention for the duration of a play. Leo Kay managed it earlier in the “Everything is Real” season at the Warwick Arts Centre with his performance piece “It’s Like He’s Knocking”, but frequently indulgent performers with personal agendas that are not always applicable to the audience’s interests throw ego and performativity down our throats like badly written and incongruously stylised stand-up.

“Bane” is not like this. One man and one musician captivate and entrance the audience with their heightened levels of technique and Joe Bone’s intensely precise mime and multi-roling abilities. At some points even managing to encapsulate two separate physicalities simultaneously, Bone’s pastiche of every film noir you’ve ever seen (and, judging by some laughs in the audience which I didn’t understand, quite a few you haven’t seen) was one of the most masterful pieces of theatrical artistry of the season. Tongue-in-cheek parody (“This is so ironic considering my previous statement” was so casually self-aware) combined with an astounding command of both limbs and the stage space made for an excellent evening of entertainment. I look forward to being able to see “Bane 2” at the Fringe later this summer.


One thought on “Bane

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