Little discoveries

I’m revising at the moment, and I keep finding little doodles and notes in the margin – you’d be surprised how much “I’m bored.” “Me too.” comes up; I do enjoy my degree, it would appear just that the lectures are badly timed to fit in with the three ‘o clock slump…! Some great little finds, though – plans to write the love story between Felicia Hemans and her husband, with an appearance by Shelley; bits of poetry; praise or damnation for the hairstyle of the lecturer in question… I also came across my notes from the very first lecture of my degree; “10 hours per module per week” – which made me laugh REALLY HARD!

For all those doing their Medieval to Renaissance Literature exam today (Freshers!); which should finish imminently; this is for you:

Tant que je vive, mon coeur ne changera,

Pour nulle vivante, tant qu’il soit bon ou sage,

Fort et puissant, riche, de haut lignage:

Mon choix est fait, autre ne se fera.

A good poem. Not in English, or in anything pretending to be English.

Now I will stop procrastinating, and go back to trying to link Oedipus Rex with Life of Galileo



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