It’s Like He’s Knocking

Warwick Arts Centre (Theatre Dressing Rooms)

Tuesday 24th May, 2011

Leo Kay’s wonderful piece of interactive theatre is one of the greatest additions to China Plate‘s daring “Being Human” season at the Warwick Arts Centre this year. His charisma, his lyric and yet colloquial writing, and his brave and stunningly executed physical theatre sequences all contributed to an honest and refreshingly transparent piece of intimate theatre.

We are led into one of the dressing rooms (which is used for the studio casts, and so usually has connotations of pure fear, lucozade and hairspray) which is cardboarded-up, and looks decidedly shabby. With such an intimate piece – there were only about 12 of us in there – nothing but Leo’s conversational tone could have worked so effortlessly in such a challenging space. He offers us vodka, and takes us into his past, and into ours, in a nostalgic way that is never allowed to become overly sentimental or prolonged. We are taken all over the world in the most minute manipulations of set, light and props, and accompanied all the while by a soundscapist who is so much a part of the story and the world being described that he’s the most natural addition to the play.

I don’t want to spoil any more of it for you – I really would recommend you see it yourself – and would only say that if you want to be mesmerised in a theatre, completely and utterly engaged for just over an hour, buy your tickets.

You can also follow his blog here, and if you have any reactions to the show I’d love to know what you thought! Just fill in the form below…

It’s great that China Plate have put on some pieces of theatre that aren’t usually commercially viable, at the Arts Centre – particularly at the moment – and that students like me get to see it. Could it be… they’re human?!

Definitely going to bed.


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