A Game of You (or Me?)

Ontroerend Goed’s production of “A Game of You” is showing at the Warwick Arts Centre Studio for the next two days, every half hour from 2pm to 9pm… Many of the evening performances are sold out, but I IMPLORE YOU, go and see this while you can: I had one of the most phenomenal experiences, and this is the only place it’s being shown in the UK… Here’s why:

For those who don’t know us yet
There’s seven of us
Craving to spend time with you
To get under your skin, if possible
To get to know you better than we know ourselves
Only imaginary, of course
Some say we’re forward, inquisitive, manipulative Or downright evil.
Some claim we can’t be trusted.
Rest assured, they are wrong.
We’re players
And our intentions are always sincere.
Our sole purpose in unreal life
Is to let you find out who you might be
And get entangled in the game you play
You’ll be safe We’re doing it for you.

Revelation after revelation after revelation – not only in terms of the company’s masterful manipulation of technology, smoke and mirrors and the very method with which they dissect their chosen subject matter (that overused word, “identity”) – but layers of revelation about yourself and the strangers who explore the maze of red curtains and first impressions alongside you. I can’t say anything more, it would spoil the surprise… Follow @YourOldChina on twitter for live impressions of the experience over the next few days, or read their blog here for more comprehensive responses to this wildly imaginative and gently abrasive piece of theatre. GO SEE IT! NOW!


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