At least 23 degrees, on the 23rd of April…

This weekend, I have been staying with my Dad and my Granny, both of whom are legends of the highest order. I have been fed well, and taken out on the boat, and gotten very hot, and taken some pictures.

I took a few out on Southampton Water, (before I got waylaid with calls of ‘Ready About’ and ‘Can We Have Lunch Now’), which were very wonky and not much good:


Even attempted to be artsy:


It all reminded me rather of a pretentious little poem I wrote last year, on the boat on the way to Falmouth… the weather was much like today, except with fluffy little clouds that looked like Philip Treacy hats (I will steer clear of any Royal references here…):

The wedding bells are ringing –

Rung by the stronger buoys

And the girls’ and ladies’ feather hats

Float above the noise.

The bridal sail is flapping,

Noisy Jenny at the fore –

The bridesmaid leads our little group

A flustered grace, far off-shore.

The page-boy gulls are shrieking,

And pulling up confetti

From the gorgeous green and somewhat troubled

Liquid kind of Serengeti.

The groom waits on the horizon.

A purplish, foppish hat

Guarded by the sun, our lord,

As he kneels there on the mat.

There’s a shortage of “something old” aboard,

And plenty of “something(s) blue”,

And little here that’s borrowed

But rather a lot of “new”.

The bride has trouble walking,

Sometimes, her walk is somewhat stilted –

But she hums, beautifully, all the time

And she never could be jilted –

The company moan, and groan, and clap, and shout,

As they part for her procession,

Her journey to the ends of the earth –

The eternal destination.

Arty Rope

On returning home, the sun was at that wondrous “photography” angle (sorry… feel free to shoot me) and I had to indulge my obsession with floral photography. Apologies, but here are a few of my favourites*:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*All of them, including the ones I already put in, because the gallery tool got confused!

Enjoy the sunshine.



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