Follow Friday

Now, I know this is a Twitter phenomenon (but follow me?!) but I have only just discovered this photography blog, which belongs to one of my friends at university… Check it out, it’s got some beautiful images. I’m wildly jealous, but there we are… Madhouse!

Copyright Jack Davison (click for source)

Also, very interestingly, another friend of mine (proliferation of Warwick bloggers) posted a lovely poem this morning, from their blog Deliciously Apart, which I thought I would replicate here:

The Merturtle

With her ornate oar like a paintbrush
She skirts the water like her own pallet of blues
And conjures small whirlpools in it’s wake
That suck the sailors in to her:
The merturtle.
With a shell like opals that shines like oceans of creamy illusion.

In the long dreadlocks of a willow
That dust her watercolours besides her homely rock
She waits and lurks, beautiful with frenzy
And waits for a bird to dock in the rocks
Before snatching out, grabbing, silencing,
And in the morning seadogs find seagulls
Just dulled head, webbed feet
And all the middle a picked clean spinal chord.

Sometimes, they see the merturtle scoffing on duck wings
Inelegantly plucked by wet, webbed, wasted talons
And scraps of meat sticking from her toothless mouth
And they finally comprehend how ugly she truly is
With her neck like a used condom
Sticking from her spectral sarcophagus
And legs like tree trunks or coral
And the faint smell of fish
And for the first time, she’s on the defensive;
Toppling back into the waters
And letting the murk and the ripples
Disfigure her undivine monstrosity
In hope that other men won’t get so close.
So she may drown them in the cataract-eye of her shell
And drown them in the milk of dreams.

So? Give ’em a follow, or a subscribe… Happy Easter! This Friday is GOOD!

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