The Ring Finger

It was my birthday last week!!! The night before, we had an NSDF fundraiser (more information on the festival soon!), and I modelled an outfit made of newspaper, before being sung Happy Birthday by fairly drunken fundraiser-revellers:

In the evening OF my birthday, I had a party, and lots of people came, and it was raucous and people danced on my sofas. We listened to this. And we drank Particularly Potent Peach and Pineapple Punch.


1 70cl bottle of vodka.

1 70cl bottle of peach schnapps.

3l of mixed fruit juices – exotic, orange and pineapple

A jar of peach slices in grape juice (optional)

Keep refreshing this with more and more vodka and less and less juice, until you have to use flat lemonade, nondescript pink fizzy stuff and ginger ale to refresh your guests. It certainly works.

I’m twenty now… Does this mean I have to behave? Answers on a postcard.



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