The Thumb

The next five blog entries will hopefully cover the following HANDS OF TIME (I’ve been reading too much Tennyson)… It’s been a long time without a blogging session and there are many excuses. But it’s spring, and the clocks are going forward, and I’m pulling my finger out. Or my thumb. Whatever.

Anyway. This is the plan.

1) The Drama Ball

2) WUDS – President!

3) Reviews of shows in the last two weeks of term

4) Birthday!

5) NSDF…!


Exciting. So here we go.

The Drama Ball was a success! About 100 people turned up to the Royal Pump Rooms for the Drama Collective Ball – as one of the committee organisers we had spent the previous week touring around various charity shops, recycling centres (Active21 in Sydenham is particularly amazing for picking up extremely cheap miscellaneous junk) and Hobbycraft. Our tables were decorated with myth-related props – think genie’s lamp – Homebase-bought pot plants, glass pebbles, smashed tiles and oodles of glitter…

Despite 2 huge essay deadlines I still managed to spend a few hours making my phoenix costume. Courtesy of Peter Marsh and ashmorevisuals, here’s a few amazing photos from an evening that will be the stuff of LEGEND (or myth?)!


As you can see, we all threw ourselves into the Myth fancy dress theme… It was an amazing evening! More later.



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