MY favourite things…

I will save my reviews for the end of the week, but for now, in Sparrow/a beautiful mess fashion, here are my 5 of my favourite, somewhat inconsequential, things (in no particular order)…


ONE. The smell of petrol – and no, I am not a junkie.

TWO. The way it smells in the countryside after it has been raining.

The asphalt has been freshly laundered, and there’s enough blue sky to make a sailor a pair of trousers!

THREE. The way your face feels when you come into the warm having been out in the cold for hours on end.

FOUR. Facepaint and glitter. (picture taken at last year’s Drama Ball)

FIVE. Realising that you have a tin of beans in the cupboard, when you thought you had completely run out of food (this is somewhat contemporary).

Does this list make me terribly peculiar?

FIVE AND A HALF. Housemates. There we are.



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