The epistolary tradition

It may be an unknown fact for you, but I write letters. Usually just a page of green ink wafflings – using a fountain pen – and with the odd doodle on the back or a picture of a duck; or with a photo inside from a disposable camera. I send them to family, mostly, because they send me letters back…

So imagine my surprise when THIS comes through the post…!

How does this American stranger know my name? My address? That I have thick hair? That I like Keats…? Even that I like letters?!

Somewhat perturbed (more than a little, it has to be said!), I rang sparrow with my miraculous news… It turns out that she was behind it all! She had sent my address off to Balthazar (visit his site and blog here), requesting a letter and a polaroid (which can’t be reproduced here, for slightly obvious reasons), and he had sent me one back.

Brilliant! All the way from the States, to my little doormat in Shakespeare’s County. Perhaps I should write him one back? In return for the most beautiful letter ever sent (albeit a little disconcerting)? A metaphorical ocean sail across the Pond, through the medium of letters?

Can you tell, I’m a little entranced by the idea…

My letter-writing project has become something bigger than I had imagined and even more wonderful than I had hoped. Honestly, it’s something that I want to continue ad infinitum. – Balthazar


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