Seasons of mist

This morning, at about nine ‘o clock, my car thermometer read minus four degrees centigrade. Minus Four. This prompted the inevitable shivering and cursing and slamming of hands on the steering wheel (one day, the airbag will go off and that will be a sight). My flatmate and I had Billie Holiday to keep us warm… Then the conversation went along the lines of… Is it still January? Just about. Why do we not do commonplace things for November (bonfires, drinking mulled cider etc) in January? Seasonally, aren’t we in the same climate as then? Christmas changes everything. And it got me thinking, as Alex said ‘2011 is slipping away already’, it’s also because we are waiting, poised, for Spring. And it isn’t here yet. It really is still winter.
And it was with this in mind, that I have just bought a (much cheaper than in November) cinnamon latte. I am embracing the frost, and defying the chill with hot milk and spices. Spring will come, but until then…



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