He probably left it on the Circle Line.

Ever tried to work out where, exactly, a play is set? As in, to the nearest mile, in any one given scene? You begin to realise just how clever playwrights are (let’s be honest, I’m talking about Fin Kennedy here – again). Doing this to How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found makes you (one) a great deal more astute when it comes to watching other bits of theatre… Went to see Diary of a Madman/Discords at the Warwick Arts Centre (failbetter productions) and the descriptions of street names in the first half of the “arresting” doublebill began to sink in at faster pace: that sense of location was a lot easier to absorb having done the aforementioned exercise… Just thought I would mention it here, for any budding directors (!).

The second half was definitely what I would call a theatrical “experiment”: I think I would have been a bit miffed if I had been presented with Discords on its own – I would have questioned the value-for-money factor, because it was quite blatantly aimed at the curious, academic scholar types (many of which were in the audience). It was a shame, then, that the first half, an amazing one man play of seventy minutes, was not made more accessible to a larger audience. My opinion, anyway.

Just came across Rob Gardiner’s site which includes a walk of images around the Circle Line, which I thought highly relevant for How to Disappear… (buy your tickets now, plug plug!). Aren’t they lovely? Some brilliant pinhole shots here (click for source):

…Enjoy, anyway. A little bit of theatre, a little bit of photography…! More when I have handed in my latest essay – tomorrow is D-Day! x



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