The Indisposables

Blogligence has resurfaced. Must be something to do with extravagant little drinkies and fairly continuous rehearsing… Not that I don’t love both of these things.

Got a disposable camera developed the other day, I had been carrying it around in my handbag for the best part of six months. You never know what you’re going to get until it comes out (and it’s £4 to develop a film!), so I was glad that only one picture out of 39 came out blank. Here are some veritable gems:

This was the view from my sunbed on my holiday in August…!

This was a baking hot day, in the capital of Corfu. If you look closely, it looks like I’m levitating… I was trying to make an artsy shot of the pigeons flying up together. Oh well…!

My Dad on the boat.

In the middle of an all-day rehearsal for the production of Five Kinds of Silence, in November.

Three of my housemates, dressed up for a party!

And sparrow, of course, having exploded a cup of hot chocolate ALL OVER the microwave!

It’s lovely to discover you spent six months doing lots of lovely things, lots of little things – it’s very easy to forget when it’s cold and dark outside. Here’s a little extract from How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found:

Charlie, one last thing I can pass on to ya, it’s to enjoy the little things. Cos that’s where the magic is. Brand new socks. Sunlight in the winter. Makin a balloon stick to yer jumper. Weein in the shower. When a restaurant leaves the wine off the bill. The smell of a baby’s head. The way lemon juice makes your mouth go. Hula Hoops an Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.



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