Essay Hell

Hello, so sorry for being blog negligent (blog-ligent) – discovered that an essay deadline was 2 weeks earlier than expected. Here’s a little pretentious extract (I don’t know what I mean):

The hedonism of an individual in Britain, at a much later date – heavily influenced by Thatcherite mentalities – is clearly illuminated in Amis’s London Fields. The personalities are so fiercely competitive that, in a particularly post-modernist manner, they intrude on each other’s narratives and the very chapters of the novel itself.


Took a break making the last dinner at home before the return to university: one of the new Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals. Cannot recommend him enough; my lips and tongue are still tingling! Bit of sea bass and sweet potato smash to finish off the holidays and start the new year. Bit of a zing on both counts – my mum was in rapture at how much she liked it; might encourage her to try some of them…

Anyway, must get back to Orwell and Amis. I will return, soon!



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