More essay procrastination…

Hello all.

Trying to ignore the entire seventeenth century at the moment, so have a look at this poem which a good friend recently sent me… It would seem to sum up my blog (less so my life, but the blog nonetheless), and so I have decided to include it here:

“Safe Sounds”.

You like safe sounds:
the dogs lapping at their bowls;
the pop of a cork on a bottle of plonk
as your mother cooks;
the Match of the Day theme tune
and Doctor Who-oo-oo.

Safe sounds:
your name called, two happy syllables
from the bottom to the top of the house;
your daft ring tone; the low gargle
of hot water in bubbles. Half asleep
in the drifting boat of your bed,
you like to hear the big trees
sound like the sea instead.

– Carol Ann Duffy.


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