DIY – Christmas Presents

Last post before at least Boxing Day – going to take a day or so off; got a million family members to see and there is a serious amount of food being prepared in the kitchen… Going to see The Nutcracker later, exceptionally excited (perhaps more so about that than about Christmas!) so I will report back on that as soon as I return…!

The long promised recipe cards have finally been finished: and here they are!

I started off with two humungous sheets of artists’ watercolour paper which I then tore into 24 (almost) squares – 8 sheets for each book (I made three); one for each day of the week and a cover sheet.

I then hole-punched the lot, and attached the sheets together with pieces of raffia…

Using invisible thread and ivory cotton thread, I stitched a variety of beads, buttons, ribbons and bows onto the cover sheet and onto the raffia ties. Turns out that stitching with the invisible stuff is an absolute nightmare!

I then used watercolours to complete the decoration, on the front cover and on each individual page.

I personalised the back page, leaving a space for the receiver of the gift to get involved with its own creation… hmmm!!

Got excited by the prospect of a logo…!

I gave the edges of the recipe pages a kooky little border, different on each page (until I ran out of colours!).

Having filled the books with a load of handwritten recipes (found on the foodie blogs, and from my own collection), I could add the final details to make them a truly personal present.

I really like them, but it was such a lot of effort! Aren’t they pretty?!


Merry Christmas one and all, keep warm and smile at the ones you love! xxx



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