DIY – Christmas Decorations

My camera has finally arrived! Hurrah!

Some of these decorations are less homemade, but more innovative in the ways that conventional decorations can be hung about the house:

These are wicker stars, which have been spray painted gold and silver, and hung from the ceiling with invisible thread and white drawing pins. Mum usually hangs them up; there’s a lot of precarious ladder placing and hanging by the eyebrows involved!

Placing decorations next to a big mirror, like this one, makes it seem like there are twice as many, and therefore is twice as atmospheric! Check out the cheeky santa in the background…!

This little icicle/snow shower is hanging off the lightshade frame in my bedroom. The cats have got their eyes on it; when it catches a draught it tinkles and wobbles in a quite lovely way…

Mixing textures of decoration, as long as you keep to a colour scheme, is always a good trick. Here, the lightbulb itself is acting as another snowball, because it’s uncovered and obviously exactly the same colour as the baubles.

This is a glass vase we had lying around, which I filled with blue, silver and white baubles of different sizes, along with some battery powered LEDs (useful things to have!) and a load of that sparkly raffia stuff which you can make curly using your fingernails.

Ours is in the kitchen, but it would make a great centrepiece for your dining table, or just as some atmospheric lighting in the room of your choice!

This is one of my mum’s creations – isn’t she a legend?

These are handmade, and all over out Christmas tree…!


Finally feeling festive – hope you like these ideas (sorry it’s taken so long to find a camera!), x


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