Stranded surfing

The snow has prevented me from returning home and finally finishing my little crafty projects… I’m quite happy to be here but the alternating blizzard and rainstorm outside is a bit threatening…! Haven’t ventured out today but have tweaked a few things on here and found you all some lovely links…

My dear sparrow has moved over to tumblr, she has revamped her blog and it is now squeaky clean and beautiful, have a look over there if you have the time…

As you may have seen, I have been intoxicated by the concept driven by I PLEDGE TO READ THE WRITTEN WORD; it’s all a bit paradoxical putting something like that onto your blog (!), but the bookworm project is my nod to that sort of thing… There is a blog on The New Yorker Bookbench today which is well worth a read, about the oldest books in the world.

And finally, I have discovered Operation NICE, which I need to find out about a little more; however – visit the site and make up your own mind!

I wish the season was a little more like this:

Seen on the drifter and the gypsy… But there we are! Have to sit tight for now…

Love x



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