And then there was snow!

I woke up this morning/this afternoon (guilty of becoming rather owlish in my sleeping patterns) to find that the world had become tippexed…

I won’t bore you with all of the photos, but Pops and I went for a long, bucolic walk around where we live and took some photos…

And we saw nine deer, here are three of them:

And this one is especially for sparrow, who has stood here herself:

The sun started to set, and the light was just beautiful!

Pops and I were very happy with our achievements!

I feel like I should insert something poetic here, but I think that the poem today from Poem a Day is much better at it than I could be… It’s all about smells! And the house today was full of the wafts of a baking apple cake, ground coffee and rustic cauliflower soup, so it’s all rather fitting!

Keep warm x


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