Went on a trip to the local HobbyCraft store yesterday, in search of craft inspiration… Spent a fortune. Following inspiration from le wedding party, I decided to make my own eccentric feather headband:

…Which looks a bit like this:

I stitched the feather onto a gold Alice band using raffia and ivory cotton thread…

…And stitched yellow, orange and see-through beads on…

…And made something lovely to wear (hair up, next time) when I feel a little quirky!

In other news, the recipe cards are coming along, I am still camera-less (hence the poor quality webcam ones above!), and these are the recipe sites I’ve found so far to borrow recipes from:


Chez Pim

101 Cookbooks

Simply Recipes

…I secretly want to do some cooking, but there we are! Projects to complete!



2 thoughts on “Progress

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