The personalised present

Christmas presents on a budget, easy. Christmas presents with a bit of sentimental value on a budget, not so easy.

Last year, for those closest to me in my family, presents were extremely creative and I spent a great deal of time making them a little bit special: Mum – a personalised recipe book with handwritten gems I had found from my own selection, complete with watercolour illustrations. Dad – a book with a cover that I had made and painted myself (he’s just finished reading it). Granny – a recording of several of her favourite poems, so she could listen now that her eyesight is failing. Lovely, you all say, or ‘get a life’. Either way, this year is slightly more difficult… Time constraints and looming essay preparations are getting in the way!

This year presents will only be personalised for the grandparents and my aunt, simply because (how awful is this), they’re much easier to please! Christmas cards have been pretty much avoided and spreading of the festive cheer has been limited to making dozens of paper snowflakes…

However, inspired by the DIY sections of a beautiful mess and having listened to one too many Christmas songs (the Elvis album in particular), I’m going to search the web for some recipes and other such gems on the foodie blogosphere (see cannelle et vanille for a glorious heart attack) and scribe them up, arty-farty style, as my mother would say.

Sorry, I still don’t have a camera to show you my DIY Christmas decorations! Watch this space for news on both projects… I may have to bang on my neighbour’s door!

Festive love and loving festivity, x


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