Things to Do

Oh dear. Just had an extremely heated political debate with one of my housemates about education and tuition fees, of course prompted by the Parliamentary vote on the cap on fees. The Government won tonight by 21. My housemate and I both agree that the increase is wrong, the rest of the argument was fairly irrelevant. But at least we were talking about it, and not breaking up breezeblocks in Parliament Square…

Anyway, this blog was neglected yesterday – had a day of fun festiveness watching the new Harry Potter (which is the best film in the series yet) and going out for drinkies – so I will try and fill this entry with lots of little gems for you…!

Listen to: Regina Spektor, Live in London (look out for ‘Silly Eye-Color Generalizations’)

Buy: It’s cold enough these days that we all look like babushkas (sparrow especially), so why not buy the shoes to match?!

Make: Mod Floral Hair Wreath (!)

Admire: Idealistic wedding dresses from Weddings Unveiled

Watch: The finale of Any Human Heart on Sunday, Channel 4, 9pm. You can watch the penultimate episode on 4OD. Adapted from William Boyd’s novel of the same name (one of my personal favourites) and starring Matthew MacFayden and Jim Broadbent…

Read: Martin Amis, London Fields – a story about a story about a story. Great bathtime reading with an intellectual edge.

Visit: Go to your local carol concert and belt out your old favourites! Or stay online and have a look at this photography site.

…and talk and talk and talk and drink tea and eat HobNobs and sleep in and smile at the birds and whistle on the street and sing in the shower and dance in your living rooms and hug your friends and have a bubble bath and live live live…


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