Hoar frost and exhilaration

…Trying to get in there in the nick of time. This is a timed blog entry (bit like this writing website), to see if I can get it in before the bells chime twelve and my shoes fall off (isn’t that what happens?)… Otherwise today/yesterday will be my first day in two and a bit weeks without blogging (cue shocked face). So, today’s excitement, in a frozen nutshell:

  • Hoar frost this morning. Absolutely beautiful, prickly spines of ice on every surface in town, lasted all day, absolutely freezing.
  • Poem published on Black Cat Poems – read Nissaki here!
  • Part in another dramatic effort confirmed – extremely excited and honoured! More info to follow…
  • Essay COMPLETE! And for all those European Theatre students out there… Have some festive songs to get you through a night in the Learning Grid (or Place of Hell).

Much love! I will try much harder tomorrow later today (damn and blast…).



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