Well, well! I thought that instead of searching the internet for veritable gems for this blog, I would instead begin the bookworm project which, I hope, will attempt to map out what exactly I have read in my little life… It currently only takes fictional, poetic and dramatic works into account: magazines, newspaper subscriptions and scholarly essays have been ignored for reasons of sanity! I hope to continue to add to it, both with future reads and those further in the past. As you can see, it is a humungous task, so bear with me! Let me know your thoughts…

In other news, the play which will be put on at the Warwick Arts Centre is called How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found. It was written by Fin Kennedy, and won the 38th John Whiting Award (most recently given to The Author); the only play to be awarded pre-production. It is relatively new, and so information and synopses are difficult to come by! There are a few reviews of past productions, if it takes your fancy…

Off to drink mulled wine and take in a bit of Shakespeare. Oh, how beautiful the world post-essay!!! x



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