Slog or blog?

Apologies, all, for the horrific title. It has got to that stage in the week where hysteria has set in – 1,700 words still left to write for Tuesday, events to organise, places to go, people to see. Next Friday is the end of term, and although there have been many things in the past ten weeks which I have loved, that date lingering on the horizon could not come quickly enough. My mum is at home, decorating the house without me. Apparently it is not possible to decorate the house a week later than planned – to be fair, it is such an epic task, that I guess I can forgive her for getting them up a little earlier… I’m excited for all the decorations – possibly more than anything else. They sort of epitomise Christmas Eve, for me, which is the best part of Christmas (the real day is a bit of a nightmare!)… Our decorations include these huge beautiful silver and gold stars made of wicker, which dangle from the ceiling on invisible thread above the stairs. They spin in the heat current from the warmth downstairs, from the fire (which, by the way, must be extinguished in time on Christmas Eve, to prevent Santa from third degree burns) and are lit by the masses of scented tealights which litter the windowsill. It’s gorgeous… Bit of a fire hazard, but certainly worthwhile. It was all this thought of decorations (and an attempt to avoid the Dreaded Essay) which prompted the new theme change on the blog… It’s been just over two weeks since I started it, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it thus far! It certainly makes a lovely change from academia, and as soon as I return to the depths of Hampshire, I can share a few pictures of our decoration tradition! Until then, keep warm, and DO SOME WORK!!!



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