Floating hailstones and other frozen things

Today, for some horrible mundane timetabling reason, I had to get up at the same time as a science student and sit on the top deck of the swooning bus to come onto campus. The old thing is usually streaming with condensation and smells a bit like a ski lift, especially in this weather. However, because it was about minus three, and the sun was barely up, the condensation had frozen and all the windows were glittering inside, in a matt sort of way. Everything was translucent – a little bit like floating in a giant frozen hailstone – and the pale morning sunshine gave the whole bus a fresh glow reminiscent of a beautiful woman who has finally slept for hours and hours, and been gently awoken, hair tousled and smiling bashfully at her good fortune. At one point, I even scrubbed off a little peephole to look out at the trundling landscape, which promptly began to refreeze; sinews and tendons of ice, plaiting and re-plaiting themselves to repair my icy refuge.

It was all very Romantic. A cup of coffee later, and these intensive pontifications melted away – only to solidify themselves a little later, after the extremely dull seminar which was the reason behind being on the bus anyway – after remembering these gorgeous pictures from this beautiful blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



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