The Tree of Found Things


At the Warwick Student Arts Festival last year, there were two trees with little blank labels attached to them: the Tree of Lost Things (where some jokers wrote things like ‘my lust for life’, ‘my sanity’ or ‘<insert name here>’s dignity) and the Tree of Found Things. There were some lovely notes left for all to read, although some of them were notably nauseating (‘the love of my life’) – and I was reminded of this as I came across this great site today.

It is one of the best feelings in the world – makes me feel a little bit like an ant, actually – when you find a little note left by someone else. Not to you, not for anyone you know, but just a little reminder that everybody is still living their lives and writing diary entries and dropping receipts and writing love letters and angry notes on the kitchen fridge. I found someone’s old shopping list used as a bookmark in a second-hand book the other day, and was delighted to find that they shared a love of Ribena… A little moment outside of everyday survival (which, incidentally, sparrow and I have decided is extremely inconvenient) to give you a taste of something bigger.

Look at me, getting all deep and philosophical – must be the weather.


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