The Dilemma

I was awoken today by the smell of bacon,

My back and my very bones were achin’

And wishing that they could wriggle downstairs

(Of course, a lot of people would stare

If the rest of me didn’t come along too,

So assume for now that this is what I’d do)

To devour those porky, salty slabs,

And “Oh, that’s divine! That’s simply FAB(ulous)!”

To be screamed at by the bacon’s owner,

And “Not a free for all, then? There was no disclaimer…”

But all these Coleridgian, hypothetical events

Are no more than conjecture, dreams at best –

Because it’s cold out of bed,

And so says my head:

“Just ignore that salivatory smell of bacon,

‘Cause your back and your very bones are a achin’.”

– EJD.

These beautiful, thought-provoking “dilemma” photos are courtesy of Chema Madoz.


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