Carols on the Parade

Sparrow and I have found a flat! One humungous hustle later, and having walked the length and breadth of the surprisingly sprawling Leamington Spa, we secured our miniscule little nest for next year… Much of the day was spent descrying the nature of house-hunting (especially as we have only lived at our current house for nine weeks!) and singing Christmas carols down the parade to ‘maintain spirits and morale’. It was like a military campaign.

This morning, I received a text as I lay huddled in bed, attempting not to move my head (both for hangover and warmth purposes), and I read those infinitely exciting words – ‘IT’S SNOWED!’ In a typically over-excited way, I leapt up and flung back the curtains only for the wondrous sight to be marred by the shot of freezing cold from the windowpane, and the shooting pains in my head.

As you can imagine, I have failed to go outside today. I fear that the childhood spark of unerring hyperactivity has been quelled by the late-adolescent problems of abject poverty, high alcohol consumption and the severe lack of central heating. And that’s something they certainly don’t warn you about university life…

If I wasn’t so cold, I would be youthfully frolicking in that beautiful white dust…



One thought on “Carols on the Parade

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