Giuseppe Verdi and Cinnamon Lattes


I absolutely had to share with you my excitement at beginning to sing operatic arias – having always been a mezzo-soprano or belter at best, restarting singing lessons has caused me to rethink my whole approach to singing, as I’ve discovered a new range and the existence of three whole registers, thanks to a fabulous new tutor. It takes a serious amount of thinking to get your head – and your soft-palette – around that!

Technical exercises and a new approach to jaw positions – think goldfish – have opened up a new singing world (in three weeks, building on ten solid years of instruction of a different sort) which stretches further than the usual choral and musical theatre numbers. “On to Verdi,” says my teacher, “not only will it help you to move your break,” (I assure you, he wasn’t being flippant – he sees arias as an exercise!), “but you seem to be very excited by this”… Speechless, in fact. Middle Es used to be a heart-stopping moment in a song, and now this is the starting point in my latest endeavour… Listen to Giuseppe Verdi’s Caro nome (from Rigoletto) on Spotify – Maria Callas – Cualtier Malde… Caro Nome (Gilda). Are you as frightened as I am?

On to continued practice, and less of those warming cinnamon lattes which seem to precede my lesson every week. Costa’s annual income will, I fear, suffer somewhat. Never mind. Sacrifices must be made.



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